Largest Online food Delivery Service in the US

Solutions: Media Buying



After owning the market share in the tier 1 markets, Grubhub wanted to focus on 2nd and 3rd tier markets. Their goal was to increase market share over their main competitor, Uber Eats.


The campaign consisted of owning the markets they focused on. In conjunction with air time spots that included a special code so we could track every app download and code usage, we also purchased News and Traffic sponsorships to ensure Grubhub owned each market with their ads. To make the campaign even more successful, we got each DJ involved and sent them a $500 gift card so they could try the service and talk about it on-air. (This was something we negotiated as added value) Each campaign ran for 14 days. The campaigns were a success as Grubhubs market share increased an average of 55% over Uber Eats. The campaign also led to Grubhub purchasing the smaller delivery services in each market to further increase market share.