How we reach the audience.

Perfecting the media mix is crucial to reaching your customer with the message that connects to them at exactly the right time. Data driven media buys ensure that you get the best ROI possible.

Our buyers have 10-plus years of experience in the industry unlike most agencies whose buyers are fresh out of college. Our media buyers have negotiated rates for our clients with discounts ranging between 40-70 percent off the rate card, which allows us to maximize the media budget. Because of our negotiating power and deeply discounted rates, we can purchase more media with our client’s budgets than our competitors. Victory Management Group ensures all of our clients that we will provide the “best bang for the buck” and maximize their reach and ROI.

Victory Management Group is all about getting your message in front of the people you do business with. There is no single medium or message that resonates universally, but you can conquer your universe by deploying the right mix of advertising outlets, graphics, video, audio and copy. We support you with the extensive range of services you’d expect from a full-service marketing agency.


There is virtually no place where you can’t advertise. Some places are obvious; some are way outside conventional thinking. Depending on your product or service, there are some powerful combinations of media that can give you a way larger impact than you ever envisioned.

We know the gatekeepers, and we know the market pressures they face in selling time and space. We are also large enough to give you the purchasing power we get from representing a lot of clients. We combine those advantages to get you very deep discounts across all media platforms.


Internet-based advertising that’s not related to TV, radio or print continues to grow. Clients are shifting more and more dollars towards digital because of its trackability and real time optimization to increase ROI faster. You can target prospects and customers alike through a matrix of parameters to control your cost and measure your success. Measurement capabilities also help you refine your message and budgets to put your dollars where they can help you the most. Digital channels include:


  • Programmatic Display, Video, Mobile

  • Private Marketplace

  • Native Advertising

  • Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube

  • Search Engine Marketing: Google, Bing, Yahoo

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Email Marketing

  • Bloggers

  • Job-Recruiting Websites


Your prospects may watch TV on big screens or small screens wired into cable or satellite services, connected to Wi-Fi or data networks or even over the air. They can watch at all times of the day – and nearly all of them are still exposed to your commercials. Your choices to reach them are as extensive as their ways to watch you:


  • Traditional TV: Networks, Local Affiliates, Special Channels Delivered by Cable or Satellite
  • ZIP Code-Targeted Cable/Satellite
  • Direct-Response TV
  • Infomercials or Long-Form TV
  • Programmatic and Addressable TV
  • Streaming Services: Netflix, Hulu, Other


Radio still reaches a huge segment of our population in so many formats while they do everything from driving, walking or working. It’s also an ideal medium for interactive programming, such as on-air giveaways and contests to sponsored call-in segments. Here are some of the opportunities:


  • National Programming
  • Local Spots
  • Programming-Related Local: Traffic, Weather, Special Reports
  • Satellite Radio: Sirius/XM
  • Streaming: Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Apps for Phones and Tablets
  • Addressable Radio


Print still lives – large. When readers see your ad, they give you their undivided attention. You can give them a good description of your offering in words and pictures, and they can absorb it and take action. Print ads offer many options and the ability to zero-in on tightly selected targets. You can choose your media based on:


  • Geography: National, Regional, Local
  • Type of Publication: Newspaper, Magazine, Insert
  • Editorial Focus: General News, Business News, Trade Journal
  • Frequency: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.
  • Publishers of Multiple Related Publications


Reach your potential customers where they live. Our newspaper advertising program targets your message as widely or as narrowly as you need:


  • National
  • Regional
  • Newspaper Buys Based on Zip Code Locations
  • Custom Inserts
  • Smart Source
  • Weekly Coupon Inserts


You can be as mobile as the people you want to reach:


  • Billboards: Digital and Static
  • Buses, Trains and Ferry Boats – Interior and Exterior
  • Taxi Toppers
  • Public Transit Stations and Shelters
  • Mobile Location-Based: Public Transit Vehicles, Cell Phones and Tablets
  • Special Buildings: Fitness Centers, Convention Centers, Stadiums
  • Movie Theaters – Including On-Screen
  • Ice Box Advertising
  • Store Pole Advertising
  • Apartment Door Hangers
  • Bathroom Advertising
  • In-Flight Advertising


Get access to the best people available by putting your opportunities where the strongest seekers search for advancement. Our purchasing power can position you in prominent places on leading recruitment sites, including:


  • CareerBuilder
  • Monster
  • LinkedIn


Involve people in your brand. Draw them in from a variety of altitudes and attitudes.


  • Airplane Fly-Overs
  • Sampling
  • Street Teams with Brand Ambassadors

Media Process


We look at who you want to reach and the message you want to send to determine the best media for your campaign. We look at the creative needs for each medium and how your message will work with all the media in your campaign.

With our planning process, we’ll be able to take your messages and exposure farther by coordinating them to fit each medium while maintaining brand strength. We’ll plan every exposure through TV, radio, print and online advertising to achieve your desired outcome. It could be to drive traffic to a specific page on your website to transact business, or into a retail store, or create a means of communication to open a dialogue with your customer or prospect.

We invest heavily in research to be able to understand your target consumer, their consumer attitudes, product and brand preferences, media consumption habits and demographic, psychographic and lifestyle characteristics. Having access to this data allows us to plan cross-media and messaging strategies with built-in consumer and media analysis tools.

We’ll also cost out creative services and media buys to give you an accurate budget for each campaign.


We take single-source responsibility to assemble all the pieces of your campaign and deliver them to all the media involved. As your agent, we make sure all points of all agreements are followed and we have the expertise to make sure they are.


We measure the results of each campaign component against your goals and use the numbers to adjust your campaign or step it up. We have the metrics and the ability to interpret them. You’ll know what’s working and you’ll know where to best direct or redirect your resources to achieve the results you require for the highest possible ROI.


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